Activities & Experiences

Sunbird Chintheche offers a variety of activities and experiences for you to enjoy and experience first hand.

Curio and Fish tour

Accompanied by a guide, bargain for some of the most interesting curios on the continent – from key-holders to man-sized sculptures. Visit Malawi’s unique tropical fish farm which is renowned for its worldwide export of Malawi’s endemic and colorful cichlids, the choice of freshwater aquarists worldwide.

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Fishing village tour and view point

Visit one of the fish drying and net preparation beach areas- set up in typical Malawian style. Talk to fishermen and experience an ages-old, traditional way of life. A spectacular viewpoint high above the lake, provides stunning views and photographic opportunities overlooking the whole Senga Bay area.

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Crocodile farm

The crocodile farm is located 10 km from Sunbird Livingstonia. Guests have a rare opportunity for close but safe encounters with one of Africa’s most aggressive reptiles. The farm has over 500 crocodiles, the oldest being over 40 years old.

Mua Mission tour

Malawi’s top cultural museum is situated in Mua, and the Chamare Museum boasts a wealth of Malawian culture and social history exhibiting traditional arts, crafts, weapons, implements and ornaments. Tours include a picnic prepared by Sunbird’s famed chefs.

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